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Sitting on a chair with his legs wide apart and began to watch as the screen showed polaroids of my wife striptease, moving smoothly and throwing off their clothes. Sexy lingerie, purchased today, обалденно looked at the young figure of my wife. Lacy white panties, white stockings, jewelry and other attributes make her the most desirable girl in the world.
Undressed, sat on the couch and leaned back, spread her legs. Looking into the camera with one hand she began to stroke his chest, and the second, making his way to polaroids of my wife pubis to your pussy, your index finger began to caress her swelling clitoris. Then she lowered her finger below, and began to stroke their wet sex big and small sponges. From the open mouth came the sweet moans. Here, finally, appeared and his hand. He walked his fingers along the inside of polaroids of my wife sexual sponges. Just stuffing it and let it run, he returned his hand back. It was heard that he was champ. Again the voice-over: “- You’re very tasty!”. The camera just jerks, and it was clear that perpetuate it. When she stopped moving, I saw a pussy my wife approached the person Alexei. He licked a couple of times sex sponge and began to suck her clitoris.
For the first time I saw the handle polaroids of my wife. Surprisingly, I did not raise any jealousy. I am only slightly polaroids of my wife member, staring at the screen. As I watched the TV, Eugene went around and become an armchair behind him, put her arms around my neck, she began to lick my ear, it passes the tip of the reed on the edge, she entered the language
inside the shell, polaroids of my wife him inside.
On the screen, meanwhile was going on another erotic scene. Eugene watched with pleasure at what is happening in her pussy. She stroked his chest, twisting the nipples. And Alex, thoroughly sucking clit, fingered her vagina with two fingers, and pants one. My wife liked it and after some time on her pulling, we could see that it ends with his eyes closed and issuing light moan. Even after Eugene came, Alex for a long time licking her pussy, pulled his lips sex lips, kissed them and my wife’s ass. Then he stood up, and polaroids of my wife, leaning toward him, and began to masturbate to suck his cock. One can see that the old man. Eugene polaroids of my wife it for very long term, using all his art, until he slowly began to rise. But she was insistent, and member of the men gradually assumed the firing position.
From our own side of the screen happened no less interesting action. Polaroids of my wife play with my neck, gradually dropped lower and lower. She did it because of the chair. Only now I noticed that she was completely naked. Not removing the eyes from what is happening on screen, I took off my clothes. polaroids of my wife down and finally reached the head of my cock with his lips. She began to lick the hole at the tip of the head rigid member. I could, turning his head to kiss his wife’s crotch, which I did, his hands caressing her buttocks and thighs. Raising his wife, I placed it so that now her pussy was directly in front of my mouth and I began to lick her. We were in position 69 and cherish each other tongues and lips. And from the TV polaroids of my wife sounds were heard. To see what was going on, I took a vertical position, very close to her polaroids of my wife, which is now hanging upside down. Her thighs were on my shoulders and not let it fall down. Also from the fall of her I kept hugging her waist and very close to her hand. Finger on the second hand, I fucked her ass. The palm of the free hand she caressed my balls as her mouth engulfed my dignity and, moving his head, much suck it.
And in the meantime, the TV was going next. My wife, well-raised Alexei member, stood before him crustaceans invitingly wagged her ass. Excited man, at once, plunged his spear into expiring juice pussy wife, and began to furiously fuck her. Eugene, emitting gentle moans, took him to his senses. She wriggled and moving toward its polaroids of my wife male, enjoy sex. They fucked and fucked. For his age, Alex was a good lover, ably plunging member and head right touching erogenous zones. Polaroids of my wife repeatedly shook from orgasm, before Alex proposed to enter into her ass. She agreed with a nod, a man climbed on top and it quite easily penetrated his blurry weapon in wet ass of my wife. They both groaned at the sweet sensations surging on them, and quickly finished together.
We have also begun to polaroids of my wife finish under the oral pleasure to each other. I poured out rapidly in the wife hangs upside down and turned her, sat on a chair, placing polaroids of my wife at his knees. We calming breath, kissed tenderly, and began to fall asleep. On the screen, too, was all over, and ran only white stripes. The woman leaned forward and gently kissed the head member, as in the past morning. He immediately responded, correct to say polaroids of my wife, rising. I closed my eyes with pleasure. And Eleanor, already realizing that I did not give up a morning blowjob, began to suck my young man, moving the hard skin on it. She took a member of the cheek, sucking so that the holes formed on the cheek, carefully licked it along the entire length. I could not lie just like that, I got up and knelt again, put a member of Eleanor in her mouth, who took them to move back and forth. I took her by the ears, and with the force attracting to polaroids of my wife, is fitted on a member of her mouth. She snorted with pleasure, not letting his mouth, holding my hips. I wanted to slap on the ass and I bent Eleanor lifted her skirt. Continuing to hammer away at her mouth, I firmly grabbed her ass with both hands and feeling as she squeezes my balls roughly finished, pouring out his sperm into her mouth. The woman began to gobble this viscous, white liquid.
I have finished. Eleanor has released a member of his mouth and he slammed on the thigh. I grabbed the woman’s neck, lifted her face and tenderly kissed her lips slightly brackish.
On the beach going, what our girls wanted. “Well, this young, but the second something in her age to wear a swimsuit it’s no good. But in secret they were not opposed to be in their place, by the fact that all the male members of the beach and brazenly and secretly watched by our friends. I even jealousy appeared, looking like Eugene and Eleanor are drawn to the unseen audience. Plenty of sunbathing, swim and lunch, we went for a walk in the city. Alex proposed lifting the car to ride by on local excursions. Once in office, after staying there a bit and going from there, he asked me:
- Know how to ride?
- I even right along.
- Then the wheel. – He threw me the keys, pointed to the stands near 4-seater SUV Mitsubishi polaroids of my wife, open, without a roof.
We piled into the car together, the men in the front, women behind. They’re very good friends and twittered about something else while we traveled the surrounding mountains. Alex watched as the little I go to calm down and turned around and began to entertain the ladies with anecdotes and commentary neighborhoods.
It is said that Turkey is really beautiful mountains, among which there are vineyards and orchards. Enough to roll, we decided to go back and lie for the rest of the day at the beach. We flew from the mountains. Wind ruffled our hair. Now with me was sitting next to Eleanor. I, on second glance in the rearview mirror, I saw behind me polaroids of my wife, with eyes closed. Slightly raised, I tried to see what is happening below. Of course, the hand of Alexis was under a skirt of my wife. He was operating quietly in her panties, and polaroids of my wife had opened his mouth easily moaning.
I nod suggested Eleanor to see what was happening behind. She turned and smiled back to me.
- Do you want to do the same? – Whispered in my ear.
Not even giving me a chance to reply, she put her hand on my shorts in the field of membership and to crush him. Piquancy of the situation brought me and the member began to gain strength. But the woman persisted. She had already put my hand under the shorts to pants and began to lightly polaroids of my wife. Second hand, she lifted her skirt and began masturbating himself. When Eleanor has unleashed a member of a coward, she leaned over to me and took it into his mouth. It could not last long and I saw a small copse, turned there, and a little deeper into the bushes and stopped the engine.
Under the singing of birds, we continued having sex. I lowered my seat. Polaroids of my wife got up and sat me her wet pussy on his face. Eleanor, not letting go of his mouth my cock sucked and his masturbator. She lifted a leg on the windscreen and twisting himself clitoris with his left hand. Put his right hand with the barrel member, she licked her index finger and began to drive them around the hole in my tail. I have wished that she slipped him as deeply as possible in the ass and started to fuck me that the woman and began to do with extraordinary care and kindness. Polaroids of my wife of these movements, I’ll sit down on her finger and when he felt that they became two, rumbled with pleasure.
Alex, a little crumpled polaroids of my wife ass and spread her and began to lick her hole. Mutual desire and stimulation was no limit. We have been preparing each other oral pleasure. I took my lips clitoris polaroids of my wife, sucking it, while his nose buried in her vagina. Her juices flowed abundantly on my face. Alex already deeply entered the language in softened my wife’s ass and fucked her like them. My hands caressed her neck and ears, Eleanor who worked her mouth on my dignity and simultaneously caressing herself.
From wild polaroids of my wife I finished first. For a second Eleanor shrank and jets of sperm soared high into the air. Having a few splashes fly away, the woman took the remainder in his mouth, greedily gulping. Polaroids of my wife was sitting on me and squeezed her arms caught fabulous orgasm, after which weakened his body fell on me and began to lick my balls. It seemed to me, Eleanor, too, came, jerking his head a couple of times on my stomach.
A few minutes later all was awakened by the voice of Alexei:
- Are not you ashamed? Like adults. – He laughed merrily, and all, smiling, began to bring itself to its original state.
When we had gone with him in the direction of pee on the grass, Alex quietly asked me:
- Maybe tonight we will not diverge at the numbers and the four of us will stay together?
- I do not mind. Hopefully, our girls, too, would not resist.

Polaroids of my wife put on a new red evening gown with open back and a long cut on the thighs. It all sparkled in the light of lanterns. At his feet she wore red shoes with a heel-pin. A hair gathered back into a ball. She seemed strong and graceful.
Coming out and finding our friends at the bottom, we took a dinner followed by a show program. I would like to point out that Eleanor is also wearing an evening dress in black only and less open. We only danced a slow dance, and left our small company in a number of Alexei and Eleanor. Yes, we do not need the dancing. This was seen with the naked eye, as we all like sex. And here we are sitting on the couch in the middle of the room. The smell of Indian spices. Two beautiful women sit on either side of me, in their hands with martini glasses. I embraced them by the shoulders and gently caress them, stroking his bare shoulders. Alex arranges a tripod and video camera. It includes it and send to us. We want to keep his memory of that evening.
I kissed my wife on the cheek. She lifts her head and melts, substituting for my kisses her neck. I feel her hand rests between my legs. Meanwhile, Eleanor, leaning towards me, begins to kiss my ear, licking it. I turn to her and our lips merge in a passionate kiss. Our languages are interwoven. I feel like polaroids of my wife, opening his pants and taking out my dick already masturbated him. It fell to his lips and begins to lick it like ice cream. She licks balls, rolls them, then sucked one by one into his mouth, sucked them. Alex, standing and sipping cognac, removes all of the camcorder. He undresses completely and remained naked. He gently tease his dignity, looking at us. I take off the strap from her shoulder and Eleanor, having fallen and exposed the chest, begin to lick her nipple. I take his lips, gently begin to suck, while referring to the tip of her tongue to caress him.
He leaned forward, taking his jaw polaroids of my wife, torn from my dick to her face. He holds in his hand a large grape. She took him by the thighs, opens her mouth. Grape is in the lips. He sits down, pushes the wider legs. Alexei settled between them. He takes the bowl with sweet whipped cream and starts to smear them on the body polaroids of my wife, focusing on the breasts and pubic hair.
We Eleanor same time not lose. Quickly undressing and taking everything with me, polaroids of my wife has sat in my kitty dotted their arms and watched what was happening next. While I caressed and kissed the nipples of her breasts, she is not taking his eyes from polaroids of my wife sucking her outstretched Alexei banana. It seemed that this is not a banana, and male pride, so erotic it did. Covered it completely with saliva, and as it should, excite, she put a banana in his ass hole, and slightly pushing, was to introduce its inward. I felt that my pal must make room. A woman just rolled her eyes in bliss, and slowly sinking, and moaning, clinging to me. I’m under her quietly moving.
Alex, meanwhile, have already been licked off the cream from the body polaroids of my wife, and worked hard over the language of pussy. Eugene helped him, fingering the clitoris. Second hand she took Eleanor’s neck and drew him to her. Lips girls merged in a kiss. I looked below, stunned by the picture to stand before my eyes. They pressed lips, their passionate tabs, the tips of playing with each other. I watched and admired. I even forgot himself so that he stopped fucking Eleanor. I think Alexei is also mesmerized by this picture.
- Boys, you do not fall asleep? – A quiet voice polaroids of my wife forced us to return to his duties.
I got up, without taking a banana from ass Eleanor, put on her on the sofa, put on the sofa polaroids of my wife, so that they could kiss, he joined up member of the firm behind polaroids of my wife.