Prostate electro stimulation videos

Traditional treatments for prostate can serve as a good complement to other methods of treatment of this unpleasant disease. Use a variety of means and methods of treatment of prostate massager that there was no habituation of the organism.

1. To stop the growth of prostate tumors, cause its prostate massage video, can be used:
* The roots of aconite tincture (by W drops), homeopathic remedies aconite, or both.
* Infusion hemlock 5 drops twice daily before meals, and his homeopathic remedies.
* Very effective and affordable use of how to massage prostate.
This houseplant called “the surgeon without a knife.” At the edge of the leaves in his kids grow up. Botanists call it the flower of Goethe.
* Neglected diseases can be treated with herbal extract prostate massage orgasm bird (knotweed): drink it without rules, such as tea instead of water.
2. Treats male anal orgasm onions, if you eat a small head in the evening. Particularly valuable is the green onions – it contains a lot of zinc and iron. Onion is useful for the treatment of prostate massage technique, because it accumulates not only zinc but also male g spot massage and copper. These three elements reinforce each other’s action. Copper is needed for better absorption of iron, which is an indispensable component of blood, together with the copper increases the effects of zinc. Onion warns aging: it is caused, apparently, because it contains a substance on the composition and actions are similar to human sex hormones, known as aphrodisiacs in honor of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite.
3. A useful tool is the popular pumpkin juice pulp, which they drink a glass a day for three weeks. The seeds of pumpkin, peeled hard skin, but retained a greenish shell, take the whole, or pounded to a 100-120 grams per day, fasting and during the day.
4. Sufficient quantity of zinc in the diet is essential for treatment of prostate adenoma. The most powerful hub of zinc is birch, its leaves and buds. White birch leaves (2 tablespoons leaves insist in 0,5 L of boiling water for 2 hours.) 5. Ability to accumulate zinc has many well-known plants: spring massage anal, aconite roots, leaves, cranberries and bearberry, mountaineer and mustard, ginger, calendula, how to stimulate the prostate, corn stigmas, onion, Lemon balm, dandelion root, parsley, plantain leaves, cyanosis blue, pumpkin seeds , horsetail, sage male g spot orgasm.
6. Tea from the leaves of the nettle would be useful if there is no risk of prostatic massage. Better yet, use the roots of the nettle, licorice naked and galangal in equal proportions: one teaspoon to 3 cups water, boil 10-12 minutes.
7. During the summer, easy to make tea from a mixture of herbs black nightshade, peduncle cherry blossoms male g spot stimulation (meadowsweet), taken in equal parts by 2 tablespoons and soaked 4 cups of boiling water.
8. Autumn is available for the treatment of infusion of the roots and leaves of celery and parsley vegetable garden, as well as leaves (can be dried) strawberries.
9. For the treatment of prostate adenoma using bath of a mixture of herbs: cottonweed swamp, St. John’s prostate toys, dope, thyme, toadflax, leaves of blackberry, birch, prostate milking video, plantain, wild prostate massagers flowers, taken in equal parts. 100 grams of a mixture of grasses pour 2 liters of boiled water for 2 hours, the infusion used for baths, which take 2 times a week for 15-20 minutes. at 37-38 ° C.
10. If you own harvests bark, please note that we should take it with thin branches (thick as a finger), best in spring during bud burst or Sap. Aspen provides a natural form of aspirin has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory effect.
11. For the treatment of adenoma can be used poplar buds than usual in the form of 25% male prostate infusions of 15-20 drops per tablespoon of water 3-4 times a day. Or brew a tablespoon of the kidneys, or young sticky leaves. Insist 1-2 hours in a glass of warm boiled water and drink during the day.
12. Burdock root as a tincture or powder. For infusions take 2 tbsp. spoon roots, insisting 1-2 hours and drink half a glass of 3-5 times a day. Useful juice from the leaves and cuttings massage asian, skipped through a meat grinder and squeezed through cheesecloth.
13. The leaves of bearberry (powder) on an empty stomach in the morning and evening on 0,5 teaspoon, melon extract from the leaves of lemon balm.
14. Ointment of toadflax. Two tantra massage flowers spoons of powder mixed with 1 tbsp. spoon 70-degrees of alcohol, insist 3-4 hours. Mix with 10 cent. Internal spoons melted pork fat, heated for 2.5 hours. Strain through 3 layers of gauze. Lubricate the perineum from the anus. Resolves a tumor of the prostate, relieves itching of hemorrhoids.
15. Tantric massage and its agents are effective in chronic gay massage, eliminate its symptoms. 30-40 drops per glass of warm milk 3-4 times daily before meals.
16. Roots and grass feverweed field in the form of powder or infusion, decoction. Powder on 0,5 tsp 3 – 5 times a day 17. For the treatment of prostatic adenoma using water and fir prostate ejaculation oil (can be finished dosage forms). Do male g spot prostate fir 40-50 ml of water, heated to 38 – 40 ° C, after the chair or a cleansing enema. Course of treatment is 40-50 days.
18. Along with cancer prostate should rub pure fir oil in the crotch, but beware: the strong stimulating effect of oil – do not touch the scrotum and anus. Can fir in water was added prostate pleasure (from five) fir oil. In the absence of unpleasant sensations, increase the dose every 2-3 days, bringing the number of drops to 10-12. The course lasts for 25-30 days.
19. Instead fir water sensual massage can use chamomile infusion pharmacies. Good results can give a massage of the prostate using prostate masturbation oil (8-10 drops on the procedure).