Girls showing off thier vulvas

We begin our discussion with the continuation of the theme virgin. The notion of female “vagina” in some countries (India, Brazil, Chile) do not open vulva exist, because in the genitals of women in these countries hymen is absent. Everything is explained very simply, in these countries, as I mentioned, is so energetically urge to mother their , that hymen is completely swollen vulva in women destroyed in early. Moreover, if some of the preteen vulva girls hymen saved until marriage, and the man will be forced to break the member at first intercourse, the surrounding, and even her husband believed that the girl was “poorly educated”, she grew up draggle-tail, in the absence of adequate Hygiene for girls (since her badly tempted). So the preservation of small vulva virginity in girls is a crime there. What woman vulva a contrast with Europe.

In countries where religious faith is Islam (all Arab countries, the Middle East, etc.), photos of human vulva also did not know the concept of women’s “virgin” in the fullest sense of the word. Upon reaching a certain age, nice vulva pics usually 13-14 years old, is the rite “initiation of girls into women.” Female genitals are thrown onto a wooden penis statues Islamic god of love, then take off and believe that it turned into a woman and has the right to marry. And my little sister vulva while the penis of the god of small size (it can be described by the formula: swan-Prince). However, vulva excited rite of “initiation in women”, after which permitted sex life (this tends to every girl), a young girl may fail to get the sense of guilt and hurt body. Sometimes, sacrificing her virginity  to God, a woman gets severe bleeding or infected trinomenozom, and often with gonorrhea because the girls sit on a member of God, one after another (each sits exactly 5 minutes. – Much as in the opinion of the clergy should continue normal sexual teen vulva intercourse God’s love with the earth’s girlfriend) and the whole procedure takes place under unhygienic conditions. Servant Worship jealously ensures that appeared whether velvet vulva the blood on the genitals of the god after another girl, and then washes his blood “holy water”, and Sudith next. Woe unto that which God will not give vulva close ups up its first women’s blood (that is, if it is no longer a girl) at the time of “initiation” to believe that she is defiled and inside vulva banished her from the village.

And although the men in these countries, almost “tselok” do not break, because they get to the wooden god, vulva picture gallery but nowhere so women are not enslaved like there. For example, a woman has no right to even raise large vulva photographs my eyes to a man who not only talk to them or smile.

Thus, the sexual emancipation is not so much dependent on the presence largest vulva on record or absence of a woman in the wedding night neprorvannoy hymen. The origins of sexual freedom of women buried much deeper. Here in Europe and America to this day believe that the demand from the vulva close up wife of the existence of “virgin” in the wedding night is not stupid! Well: there is no sign or rather, if not young vulva assume that the hymen she had not once been broken and restored for the pleasure of the proud men! No wonder that a wise man said: vulva pictures “If you’ll get a good wife, you’ll become a happy man, if bad – will become a philosopher.”